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Bespoke Minds Book

Bespoke Minds is a five -star bestseller eventful book of poems which promotes affirmation, acceptance, and acknowledgement. It captures some of life silent battles and challenges, embraces the expressions of unspoken truths and encourages liberation of the mind. It additionally advocates for people to embrace their excellence confidently, cease opportunities and create endless possibilities unapologetically without persecution. 


Bespoke Minds Book

adventures of the Bespoke chronicles

Bespoke Minds is available to purchase …NOW

Book Price £12 (Paperback)

Book price £20 (Hardcover)



Bespoke Minds is also available on Amazon (worldwide) and other eBook outlets such as Smashwords, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Kobo

Bespoke Minds



Would fully recommend! Loved this book! Very insightful readI'm actually going to read it again,recommended it to a friend& she's also hooked!"

— Amazon Customer

"Love it. Honestly this book was so insightful I enjoyed reading every chapter. It's something you could just read back on again and again. Definitely recommend this book."

— Mia

"This book is amazing!!
Total talent.
What an inspiration
this will be to our young people.”

— Lean

"First of all thank you CorneliaCK for this amazing wo.
Bespoke Minds is everything.
I've enjoyed it during my time off & still am."

— Neomi

"Bespoke Minds,
all phenomenal reads, Shame, Strength. love Letter. Some of my favorite reads."

— Eric


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